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Jeff Nunnally
  • Author Visits

    Author visits can help bring books to life and allow students to realize that "real people" can be authors. This page will contain an ever growing list of information about authors.  

    Traditional Visits

    Author #1 - Jeff Nunnally

    Would you like an author to visit your school for a special event, literacy night or just to read, meet and greet during classes?  If so, Jeff Nunnally would be a great choice.  


    This House Needs A Mouse


    He visited two of our schools last year to share his Colorado Book Award nominee "This House Needs a Mouse."  While he did read and discuss his book , he really focused on the writing process and what it took to be an author.  


    Author Visits by C. Jeffrey Nunnally

    2016 CCBA Nominee

    Writing Workshops & Assemblies
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    Bringing Stories To Life!

    A Fun & Engaging Experience...
    Sparking Curiosity & Creativity!

    Gathering Ideas
    Turning Your Ideas Into A Story
    Making Your Story Fun
    Sharing Your Story

    3 Packages to Choose From!

    1)  Full Day ($400) - 4 45 min. grade level meetings and the library receives 1 free copy of the book

    2)  Single Assembly ($200) - 1 45 min. grade level assembly and the library receives 1 free copy of the book

    3)  Two Assemblies ($300) - 2 45 min. assemblies and the library receives 1 free copy of the book

    For All School Visits:


    Pre-Order flyers will be provided to send home with students so that interested families can order a personalized, signed copy of the book, delivered to the students on the day of the visit.

    • For every 15 copies pre-ordered, the visit fee will be reduced by $100.00!


    Post-Order flyers will be provided after the visit for those students who missed the deadline, but would still like to order a copy delivered via USPS.


    Content:  He does adjust the content to suit your needs.

    Working with us:  We have helped with scheduling, dinner arrangements and support for visits.  Please ask us if you would like some help.

    Contact Information: 


    Carousel Books

    13524 Clayton St., Thorton, CO 80241


    Here is his website:


    Here is a generic flyer that helps to explain what he does. 

    This House Needs a Mouse Flyer


    Author #2 - Andrea Antico - Will Come for a Visit

    Here is her information:

    Author Information:

    Andrea Antico – Buster the Bully


    Was a librarian.  She has written other articles.  She is a member of the Pen Women group.  She worked in schools for over 30 years.  Has worked as a storyteller.  Worked with Spellbinders in Denver.


    She asks that she is paid enough to cover gas expenses.  She will sell the book at your school site.  Price of book is $15.95.  Sell it at sites for $12.00.  If she sells to a lot of classes, she could drop price to $10.00. The book is a hardbound book.


    1 complimentary copy goes to the school library.

    Additional Book Information:

    You can follow her book at Kinderreads.com

    Presentation Content:

    She will work with K – 5.  She can read book the book to students.  She can talk about bullying, writing, the illustrator of her book, or being an author. She is willing to adjust her topics to suite your needs.

    Author #3 - Angie Spady

    Would you like to work with an author of chapter books?  Angie is the author of The Channing O'Banning series.  This series is one that is geared toward 1st - 4th grade students.  Each book incorporates curriculum  and across-the-curriculum concepts.  This former teacher has a lot of experience with working with children and making an author visit successful.

    Angie Spady


    Pricing:  $350 per school + travel expenses (The travel expenses can be split among schools.)

    Content: She discusses concepts featured in the book, as well as how art and social studies impact their lives in a big way. She also discusses the value of reading.


    Working with us:  We have helped with scheduling, dinner arrangements and support for visits.  Please ask us if you would like some help.



    Visit her website to find out more about her book series.



    Contact Information: 

    If you would like to contact her, please email her.   angiespady@gmail.com