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    Mesa Ridge Counseling Center Mission Statement

    Promote emotional health, interpersonal skills, physical development, and academic success in a setting where culture sensitivity, transition issues, and family support are integral.

  • AP AP Exam dates

    Please click on this link for exam dates and answers to frequently asked questions. -->  AP Exam - Dates & FAQ

  • Announcements

    Penrose Hospital is now accepting volunteers ages 14-17.  If you are interested in an application or more information visit www.penrosestfrancis.org/volunteer.



    Sophomores and Juniors!
    Are you interested in developing leadership skills?
           Leading Edge is a summer program opportunity to develop leadership skills and make you competitive in reaching your post-secondary goals.  This unique teen leadership program will provide you with an experiential curriculum designed to develop life, leadership, and public speaking skills.
    The deadline for the application is April 1st.
    Sign up with Mrs. Shea in the Counseling Center!
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  • Absences and Homework

    •  Homework can only be requested from the Counseling Center if students are absent for three consecutive days. 
    • It takes 24 hours to process the homework request and collection, so please call prior to the third day of absence.
    • We STRONGLY recommend that all students find a buddy (and phone number) in each of their classes to contact for information about their common homework.
    • Also, contact their teachers.
  • Graduation Requirements 

    Total credits - 48

    16 Elective Credits 
    32 Required Credits          

               *  8 credits (4 years) English
               *  6 credits (3 years) Math
               *  6 credits (3 years) Science 
                           2 credits Biology
                           2 credits Earth/Geology
                           2 credits Physical/Chemistry

               *  7 credits (3 1/2 years) Social Studies
                           1 credit Soc Stud 9
                           1 credit Geography
                           2 credits World History 

                           2 credits American History
                           1 credit American Gov't

               * 2 credits P.E.
               * 1 credit Health
               * 2 credits(1 year)Fine Arts/Foreign Language

  • Contact Information

    John Christiansen - A-F Alphabet, Foriegn Exchange, 719-391-3628 - christiansenj@wsd3.org

    Nicole Young - G-J Alphabet, College Information 719-391-3627 - youngn@wsd3.org

    Nicole Rose - Faculty Leader, K-Q Alphabet 719-391-3629 - rosen@wsd3.org

    Regina Shea - R-Z Alphabet, AVP Coordinator 719-391-3630 - shear@wsd3.org

    Geri Nance - Secretary 719-391-3631 - nanceg@wsd3.org


  • Update Contact Information with our Registrar

    Call Ms. Zander at  719-391-3625 to update your contact information!



  • Selective Services

    It is the law that 18 year old males must register with the selective service.